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Longbow Capital LLP « vc-directory.com

Longbow Capital LLP

Longbow Capital LLP

Full Description

Longbow specializes in early stage unquoted companies, particularly those in the development and expansion phases of growth. For investors, we identify investment opportunities which we believe have the potential for considerable and sustainable growth. We nurture the young company, ensuring it has the financial resources, management strength and commercial skills it needs to thrive.

This class of investment can offer private investors significant relief from income, capital gains and inheritance tax.

For entrepreneurs and small companies, our team, with its blend ofm industrial experience, corporate finance and wealth management skills, is uniquely positioned to offer a service to the small company and the entrepreneur.

There are currently three ways of investing with Longbow. The first is through the 2012 Approved EIS Fund, approved by HMRC, which is now closed. The second is through the Arrowhead EIS Fund. Thirdly, we have the SIPP Venture Fund, which offers venture investment through a self invested personal pension, both of which are currently open.

Longbow’s head office is in Norwich, is regulated by the FSA and is a member of the British Venture Capital Association.


Venture Capital

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