Kapital Assets Ltd

Kapital Assets Ltd

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Built upon our team’s extensive property sector experience, Kapital Assets specialises in innovative property solutions and tends to work with selected partners and landowners in bringing forward development opportunities.

Kapital Assets takes a proactive position with regard to its investments and looks to participate in projects which will deliver enhanced community gain either through regeneration, revitalization or be a commercial catalyst for further investment.

If you have under utilized property assets then we can unlock their potential either by acquiring the assets from you where we take a considered position with regard to future value, or by working jointly with you to maximize potential gains. Urban regeneration of “brownfield” sites is of particular focus.

Together with our partners we can call upon specialist services concerning planning, transportation, contamination and environmental issues. The company is also able to consider long term potential when assessing land acquisitions and invests heavily in strategic land, either through outright sale, sale and leaseback, or by taking an option stake.

We are able to work with financial institutions and other investment partners to provide substantial capital through both equity and debt to deliver an integrated approach on even the very largest of projects.



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